The Mimosa Weed a.k.a. Sensitive Weed

First, let’s make this very clear upfront: The Mimosa weed (technically Mimosa Pudica) a.k.a. Sensitive Weed, is controlled the same way we control almost all the other “Broadleaf” weeds in these pages, so here’s a link to those protocols.

And this is always a summer entry, so you’ll rarely see it in the springtime when we are controlling the myriad of broadleaf weeds that tend to overwhelm us. I gave the Mimosa Weed its own page for this very important reason, and it has to do with the Sensitive Weed angle — If you’ve ever touched the Mimosa/Sensitive weed’s leaf surface, you’ll see that it closes up, sort of like a Venus Fly Trap kinda’ plant!  Because of that the need for a professional surfactant is not just important, but it absolutely critically necessary!