Soils & Supplements

Soil building is one of the most important parts of any gardening effort.  It doesn’t matter if your goal is the perfect emerald carpet of lawn, the most productive vegetable garden, or the most enviable rose garden – SOIL IS KEY.

Many of our pages address soil building in one way or another.  And Randy’s Lawn Care schedules are all based on certain expectations that the lawn steward understands that there is no supplement that makes up for poor soil.  If you are a GardenLine listener, you will hear every weekend when Randy asks callers what their soil building steps were as he analyzes their possible problems and helps them to a solution.

This section should be considered “under construction” as we search out and republish our previously published advice on soil building techniques and the supplements and components that get the results we are looking for – Healthy soil that is teeming with biology and the buidling blocks of plant life.