There are many different varieties of Yuccas, and I have to admit that in all the consultations I’ve been doing since the February 2021 freeze, I have been blown away by how healthy all the Yuccas look.   I ran out of frost covers the Saturday before Winter Storm Uri and I let my Color Guard Yucca stay unprotected in a pot on the north side of my property.  I didn’t think for a second it would make it through 18 degrees, much less the 8 degrees I eventually experienced in Rosehill, TX. 

I was also a bit amazed by the healthy-looking species of Yuccas simply known as the Spanish Dagger, but I still think I’m most impressed by the Red Yuccas.  The leaves were just fine after the freeze and perfectly green.  That means the awesome spikes of red flowers will emerge the minute it gets hot enough.

Let me also give credit where credit is due.  I started profiling plants that seemed “impervious” to our periodic freezes when I did a local television spot along with Peter Nelson of Nelson Nursery and Water Gardens. www.nelsonwatergarden.com.   I talked about my 9 rules of freeze recovery for a couple of segments and then they interviewed Peter about plants that he would choose to use from now in his landscaping business.  He mentioned several, but when he mentioned Yuccas, I sat there nodding in agreement.  After the interview, I went outside and looked at three different Yuccas I have.  It confirmed that I am definitely going to profile these top performers for the future.  

Thanks to Peter, and thanks to all my Yuccas for telling me everything I need to know about promoting these tough plants for future gardening success stories here in the Gulf Coast Region!!!