Here are some tips to help you succeed with houseplants:

1)  Choose the right plant.  Common names can vary. Be sure to cross-reference the botanical name of any plant you get to ensure it will do the job you need it to do.

2)  Consider where you might place your plants and the amount of sunlight they will receive to ensure your plant will thrive in that area.  Be prepared to add artificial light if needed.

3)  Make note of the water needed and write it on a calendar so that you can keep the watering schedules balanced.

4)  Periodically dust the leaves of each plant with a damp cloth to ensure proper absorption of air particles and toxins.

5)  Repot them soon after getting them home.  The nursery mix may not be the best choice for the home environment.  Use a high-quality potting mix, cheaper is not better.  Keep their soil replenished with rich compost or compost tea. Avoid non-organic or synthetic fertilizers.

6)  Whenever possible, capture rainwater for your plants. All types of houseplants thrive best with natural sources of water.

IMPORTANT: Please note that these houseplants are good for purifying air, but that doesn’t mean they are safe for pets or kids who like to put things in their mouth. Check out this list for more details, read the descriptions of each plant, and do some research on any plant you bring into your home.