For southern grasses including: St. Augustine, Bermuda, and Zoysia

February to Early March (Optional) – The Early Green-up! Done with fast-acting 15-5-10 formula. (Preferably Nitro-Phos Imperial 15-5-10) Southwest Fertilizer also has a proprietary 15-5-10 Southwest Lawn.  

February to Early March – 2-in-1 pre-emergent herbicide (Preferably Barricade or Dimension-based)

March to April (Anytime in spring) – Trace mineral supplementation. After years of rains, floods and droughts, we should be adding trace minerals that help fertilizers do their job. Azomite, Soil Mender, Nature’s Way Resources and others offer them in bags.

End of March to Early April – Spring fertilization with slow- or controlled-release 3-1-2 or 4-1-2 ratios, such as Nitro-Phos Super Turf 19-4-10, Easy Gro Premium 19-5-9, and Fertilome Southwest Greenmaker 18-4-6. Nelson Plant Food Turf Star (Bruce’s Blend – 18-4-6) Fertilome also has a zero-phosphorus 18-0-6 formula, but it’s not widely marketed. Nelson’s also has a 6 month formula known as Slow & Easy 22-2-10; Southwest Fertilizer has their proprietary Southwest Premium Gold Slow Release 15-5-10 Premium Gold

End of April to May – 2-in-1 pre-emergent herbicide (Barricade or Dimension-based)

June to Early July – Summer fertilization with same slow- or controlled-release fertilizers from spring

August (Optional) – Iron supplementation, specifically for those using heavy irrigation and seeing yellowing grass

September (Optional) – Fungicide for brownpatch

September to October (Optional) – Trace minerals supplementation (Truly helps the upcoming fall feeding)

October – Pre-emergent herbicide (Barricade or Dimension-based)

October (Optional) – Fungicide for brownpatch

October to November – Fall feeding or winterizer (Use ratios with higher-than-normal potassium – the third number – such as Nitro-Phos Fall Special 8-12-16) Nelson Plant Food has their fall fertilizer in the Turf Star line known as Carbo Load 10-10-20. 

Here is a one-page chart you can keep on your refrigerator. 

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